Sicily is the largest and most densely populated island in the Mediterranean sea.
It is an autonomous region of Italy, with its closest neighbour being Tunisia in Northern Africa.

There is something for everyone, for Sicily has been a crossroad of history, a pawn of conquests and a melting pot of many ethnic groups. Hence the various and delicious styles of cuisine, folklore, music and drama and natural beauty.


The capital Palermo, provides one with a rich history dating back to 8BC. Conquered by the Arabs in 831, it flourished under their rule until it fell to the Normans, to become the Norman Kingdom of Sicily. Thus emerged a cosmopolitan culture of vitality, where Greeks,Jews,Arabs and Normans worked together in singular harmony.
Today, Palermo functions as Sicily’s chief port and centre of government. It operates both merchant and passenger lines to Tunisia and Naples.


The modern Siracusa is listed by UNESCO as a world heritage site.
It was founded by Ancient Greek Corithians and Teneans.
It is the birthplace of Archimedes, the Greek scientist.

Perched on a cliff overlooking the Ionian Sea, it offers the Ancient Greek Theatre, lively bars, fine restaurants and antique shops.
In 2017 it hosted the 43rd G7 summit.


Renowned as the site of the Ancient Greek city of Akragas.
Also a World Heritage Site, as it constitutes some of the largest and best preserved ancient Greek buildings outside Greece, including “La Valle Dei Templi” the valley of temples.